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Here at WTLA we have assemblies daily. These come in different shapes and sizes. Across the week children will take part in whole school, phase, singing, class and celebration assemblies. 


Each term, our assemblies are based around a Safeguarding and Inclusion theme and we celebrate many special days and festivals across the year. As we are a Gold RRS school we will always have a key focus on an article from UNICEF’s ‘Convention on the Rights of the Child’, a summary of the articles can be found here UNCRC summary. We strongly believe that being an RRS school helps to develop our pupils into global citizens. Adults from across the school will lead the assemblies.


Celebration assemblies will happen weekly, which give our staff and pupils a chance to celebrate each other, and at the end of each month we celebrate children who have achieved our RADAR values. Gold  and RRS certificates are awarded weekly, as well as the celebration of other achievements from home and school, for example swimming badges and playground leader awards.


Throughout the year we may have additional assemblies, or special guest speakers. These may be in place of, or in addition to the assembly timetable.


In addition, class assemblies will take place across the year with parents and carers invited to watch. Parents should look out for dates for their child’s class assembly on the class pages of our website, and on class doors/windows.