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Welcome to Reception!


We are so pleased that you have chosen West Town Lane Academy to begin your child's Primary School learning journey. Here you will find helpful information regarding your child's learning, key dates and events.

Adults in Reception:

Dragonfly Class

Class Teacher- Mrs C Owen

Class TAs - Mrs Rayner (M-W) & Mrs Driscoll (T-F)



Bumblebee Class

Class Teacher- Miss A Nicholls

Class TA- Miss Andrews



Caterpillar Class

Class Teacher - Miss K Woodbridge 

Class TA- Mrs Andrews



Daily Overview

Our project in Term 6 is How do things Change over Time?'.


We will begin our project by adventuring into the past and exploring the time of the dinosaurs. We will learn the different names of many dinosaurs, as well as, learn a variety of facts about all types of dinosaurs. We will learn all about herbivores, carnivores or omnivores.


We then make a jump in a time machine to the present day and talk about how we have grown as humans, and how far we have changed since the start of Reception. We will be learning all about the story of ‘Dinosaurs and all that Rubbish’, ‘The Growing Story’, ‘Billy’s Bucket’, ‘The Magic Teacher Swap’ and many more! We will become artists through creative opportunities and learning to draw free hand.


In phonics we will be confident to use and apply Phase 2 and Phase 3 phonics in our reading and writing. We will be reading and spelling CEW correctly from all of the Phases, including Phase 4. We will confidently be able to write descriptive sentences that include capital letters, finger spaces and punctuation. We will write at length using adjectives, conjunctions and narrative vocabulary when writing stories of our own. We will be retelling our own stories and poems, as well as, practising intonation when reciting poems and when reading stories. For more information, please visit the ‘Letters and Sounds’ website at


In mathematics we will be recapping doubling and halving that we visited last Term. We will be consolidating and applying our knowledge of numbers beyond 20. In addition, and subtraction, we will reflect on the variety of strategies we have learnt to solve various equations including using a number line, applying number bonds and putting the biggest number in our heads and using our fingers to count on. We will also be learning about comparing lengths of different objects and heights. We will be exploring different number patterns including 10s, 5s and 2s and odds and evens.

Medium Term Plan - Term 6

Phase 3 Sounds

Phase 3 and 4 Common Exception Words

Phase 2 Sound Mat

Phase 2 Common Exception Words

Actions, Images and Handwriting

Phonic sounds and actions

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Set 2 Phonemes actions

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Set 3 Phonemes actions

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Set 4 Phonemes actions

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Set 5 Phonemes actions

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Set 6 Phonemes actions

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How to segment and blend CVC words video

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