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Year 1

Medium Term Plan

Welcome to the Year 1 home page.


Welcome to Term 6, our final term in year 1! We hope you had a lovely break and enjoyed some sun. Our enquiry this term is 'How have Holidays Changed in Weston-super-Mare?' which is described in further detail below. Please see our Medium Term Plan above for information on what content we cover this term.

You will find information on our current term’s enquiries and important dates below.


Year 1 Staff

  • Teachers - Mr Brown, Mrs Delaney & Mrs Lester, Miss Simmonds.
  • LSAs - Miss Cox, Mrs Rees.
  • PE Teachers - Mr Boon & Mr Evans.


PE days

  • 1DL - Monday Afternoon - Mr Evans
  • 1B - Monday Morning - Mr Boon
  • 1S - Monday Afternoon - Mr Boon


Dates for you diary:

  • Monday 10th June - 1DL phonics screening
  • Tuesday 11th June - 1S phonics screening
  • Wednesday 12th June - 1B phonics screening
  • Wednesday 19th June: KS1 & KS2 Sports Day
  • Friday 21st June: Non-uniform Day (donations to Sports Aid)
  • Wednesday 3rd July: Yr 1 WSM Trip
  • Friday 5th July: Summer Fair
  • 23rd July: End of the academic year
  • WB 8.7.24 - Year 1 class assemblies



This term our English foci are seaside poetry and explanation texts. Children will be studying the features of these different texts and continuing to focus on non-negotiables such as full stops, capital letters and finger spaces. Children who have mastered these will be using more sentence openers and conjunctions.



In Maths we will be learning about Place Value within 100, Money and Time.



This term our enquiry is called 'How have Holidays Changed in Weston-super-Mare?'. As part of this enquiry we will be learning about the history of the UK's beach towns. This enquiry will be linked across the curriculum with a particular focus on History.



Reading is crucial to everything in year one as it allows children to access more and more knowledge, as well as providing a basis for success writing and maths. While the school encourages children to read to adults at home 3 times a week, we would recommend building a daily reading routine from the outset and in year 1 we do not set homework in order to allow for this. Many parents find this daily routine easier to remember and prefer morning or last thing at night reads - whatever fits best into your busy schedule.


Reading at home

This year children will get 2 books a week. One book is a decodable book for your child to read to you! One is a 'sharing book' (usually larger than the decodable) which you can read with/to your child to inspire the love of reading and instill the wonder of being read to. Reading books will continue to be changed once a week.  Children need to read their 1 book repeatedly to build up the essential skills of fluency. As adults we would find this boring, but children thrive on repetition to build confidence and essential reading skills.


Reading Skills

We will continue to read new texts each week in order to enhance our reading skills. In year 1 we use the Twinkl Reading Dogs to talk about different reading skills. See the attached document below to learn more about Inference Iggy, Predicting Pip, Rex Retriever, Sequencing Suki and Vocabulary Victor and bring them and their question types into your daily reading at home.