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Personal Development

Here at WTLA we know that a full and rich education offer provides children with opportunities to enhance their experience and develop their skills as life-long learners. We strive to provide our pupils with a broad and balanced variety of experiences that will help make their journey at our school an adventure and allow opportunities for success for all.


The following 5 areas contribute to our Personal Development curriculum. 



o Responsible, respectful and active citizens who are able to play their part and become actively involved in public life as adults 

o Pupils’ understanding of the fundamental British values of democracy, individual liberty, the rule of law and mutual respect and tolerance 

o Pupils’ character, which Ofsted defines as a set of positive personal traits, dispositions and virtues that informs their motivation and guides their conduct so that they reflect wisely, learn eagerly, behave with integrity and cooperate consistently well with others 

o Pupils’ confidence, resilience and knowledge so that they can keep themselves mentally healthy 

o Pupils’ understanding of how to keep physically healthy, eat healthily and maintain an active lifestyle, including giving ample opportunities for pupils to be active during the school day and through extra-curricular activities 

o Pupils’ age-appropriate understanding of healthy relationships through appropriate relationships and sex education 



o Equality of opportunity so that all pupils can thrive together, understanding that difference is a positive, not a negative, and that individual characteristics make people unique 

o An inclusive environment that meets the needs of all pupils, irrespective of age, disability, gender reassignment, race, religion or belief, sex or sexual orientation 



o Pupils to recognise online and offline risks to their wellbeing – for example, risks from criminal and sexual exploitation, domestic abuse, female genital mutilation, forced marriage, substance misuse, gang activity, radicalisation and extremism – and making them aware of the support available to them 

o Pupils to recognise the dangers of inappropriate use of mobile technology and social media 



o Readiness for the next phase of education, training or employment so that pupils are equipped to make the transition successfully 



o An effective careers programme in line with the government’s statutory guidance on careers advice that offers pupils: 

o Unbiased careers advice  

o Contact with employers/employees to encourage pupils to aspire, make good choices and understand what they need to do to reach and succeed in the careers to which they aspire


Trips, visitors, extra-curricular clubs and the use of our extensive grounds all form part of our commitment to our Personal Development curriculum. Please have a look at the information and photographs below to find out more about our rich offer. We also encourage parents/carers/family members to make contact if they feel they have particular expertise/experience they can share with the children here at West Town Lane Academy.







Lunchtime and After-School Clubs 

We aim to provide a variety of after school and lunchtime clubs to appeal to a range of interests and to also encourage children to try something new. We offer a mixture of paid and non-paid clubs and there is financial support available to those in receipt of Free School Meals. If you would like to request financial support, please contact 


Clubs will be advertised at the end of term, ready for the term ahead. Parents/carers are encouraged to sign up to clubs as early as possible through Schoolcomms or direct with the provider (as per the instructions on the timetable), as clubs are regularly oversubscribed. 







Experiences Outside of the Classroom 



Throughout their time at WTLA, children will have the opportunity to attend trips and visits and to take their learning outside of the classroom in to our extensive grounds.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion